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Amedia's Vintage line has the mysterious old-time mojo that hardcore cymbal junkies scour the world to find.
Amedia's link with the mysterious roots of Turkish cymbalmaking is master cymbalsmith Eremya Arzat.
Witness to all the secrets of the old-time cymbal-makers, his memories of the halcyon days and how cymbals were made in the old Agahaman, Istanbul factory are forged into every Amedia Vintage cymba.

Lathed paper thin by Hamdusana Baykusak, the Vintage cymbals open quickly when crashed then get right out of the way, while still providing clear stick definition for your intricate ride patterns. The rides' breathy wash is the perfect comp behind piano and reeds, while the hihats provide a satisfying, low-pitched chick.

The Vintage vibe is enhanced by lack of printed logos on the cymbals. Look for the Amedia cold-stamp
to ensure you are buying an authentic Amedia Vintage.

Vintage Ride 20"