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Eero Kokkonen

The drummer of the band "Bloody Falls".
Eero is known for his brutal, yet delicately sharp playing.

Riihimäki Music College

City-funded music college in Riihimäki.

Pirkan Opisto

A community college teaching art to the younger generation

Tampere Conservatory

Second-grade school, specializing in teaching music & dance.

Sari Kujala / Rumpukoulu Basari

Rumpukoulu Basari is a drum school dedicated to jazz & pop styles

Ari Isotalo

A talented drummer found working at Tampere Conservatory

Janne Ikonen

A renowned composer and musician

Antti Inkiläinen

A young, versatile drummer. His playing can be heard in the band "French Films"

Kalle Aalto

A drummer with variety of styles

Rami Peltola

A freelance drummer, known for his work in "Palekastro Plays Kingston Wall" & "Sammontakojat"

Jaska Kotiniemi

A freelance musician, who also plays at "Porin Teatteri"

Helsinki Metropolia

Metropolia University Of Applied Sciences

Sibelius Academy

The cornerstone of Finnish music

Teemu Vuorela

Teemu is a freelancer musician, active in a variety of bands.

Ossi OD Sivula

The drummer and founder of One Desire.
Ossi uses Jackshop drums & Amedia Cymbals

Tomi Salesvuo

A versatile drummer with a repertoire that makes you go "wow"

Tomi uses Jackshop Custom Drums & Amedia Cymbals

Lasse Alisaari/ Penniless

Penniles just published a new, fantastic album!

Check out the bands homepage & myspace!

Juho Fabrin

The drummer of the band "Tera".
Juho also can be heard with the band "TAKOMO"

Kari Hakala

Kari has been in various bands & various is his equipment as well: Custom -drumkit, Amedia Cymbals, custom -snare & ACM Audio loudspeakers.

Kari is one of the organizers of Yyteriwist.

Check out the bands: Lifeline, Saunapesää etc.

Mikko Hassinen

Mikko is a very versatile drummer, composer, producer & also recorder.

Check out Mikko's myspace!

Mikko uses Amedia Cymbals from a variety of series as well as a Jackshop-hammered snare.

Toni Hietala / Osuma Ensemble

Osuma Ensemble is a percussion crew including top musicians.

Check out Osuma Ensemble at

Jyrki Iivanainen

Jyrki uses a custom Jackshop drumkit, Amedia Cymbals, Custom snare & ACM Audio loudspeakers!

Check out Jyrki's myspace!


Jyrkillä käytössä Jackshop- custom setti, Amedia-symbaalit, Custom-virveli ja ACM Audio kaiuttimia! 

Tutustu Jyrkin Myspace- sivuun!

Jusse Jokinen

Jusse is a firm-handed drummer from Pori. Known from many bands.

You can hear Jusse playing in for example, Remix -band!

Check out the band's homepage WWW.REMIXYHTYE.FI

Jusse uses a Jackshop snare & Amedia Cymbals.

Joona Koskela/ Home Junior

Check out Home Junior! You won't be disappointed!

Vesa Kyckling

Vesa Kyckling is a professional as a teacher as well as on stage.
This artist of a variety of styles & tones can be seen in for example Jesse Kaikuranta's liveband!

Anton Laurila

Anton can be heard on records as well as live. Man of a variety of music styles.
Check out his homepage

Harri Lehtonen

Harri is a fantastic drummer, who can be heard playing on records as well as live.

Harri uses Ahmet Legend, Kommagene, Old School, Vintage & Thrace -series cymbals.

Jackshop's hammered & bubinga snare can also be found in his arsenal!

Timo Lilja

Freelance drummer, who teaches at Pori's Palmgren Conservatory & plays in for example Porin Teatteri.

Timo is a versatile drummer, who has given birth to many cymbals & custom drums.

Sami Lindroos

Sami can be heard playing in for example Sammontaontasäätiö

Band's myspace:

Sami uses Jackshop Bubinga glossy brass drumset & Amedia Cymbals.

Markus Malin

Markus Malin is an astonishing, versatile freelance drummer & music producer/composer, active all the way from Pori to Helsinki. He graduated as a pop/jazz musician in Metropolia AMK on 2010.

At the time he plays in bands such as: HB, Daikini, Fivestar Prophet, Tommi Kalenius Band.
He also regularly plays with Mikko Siltala & Instant Superstars.

Drum lessons & live performances can be asked for, no matter where or what kind of style!

Markus uses Amedia Cymbals & Jackshop drums.

Miikka Raeniemi

Top-class freelance drummer & drum teacher! In the picture, Miikka has a Jackshop bubinga drumset.

Funky Events

Funky Events is using a multitude of different sized ACM Audio active loudspeakers.

Palmgren conservatory

Pori Palmgren conservatory's professional teachers as well as students use Amedia Cymbals & our custom drums for educational purposes.

Nation-wide top-class teachers have given the spark to many of our ideas!

More about educational options can be found on Palmgren conservatory's homepage.

Sakke Koivula

Check out Sakke's Savage cymbals & Pellwood drumsticks!!

Los Dynamos

Swinging blues band, Los Dynamos is a band you NEED TO KNOW for all your live band needs!

Niko Ronimus

Janne Savolainen

Janne is known from the bands Maj Karma & Opu Nui. We have collaborated with Janne even before Jackshop was created & Janne's ideas have given birth to many custom drums!

Nikolai Sosnikov

Niki can be classified as a drummer of the future!

In addition to playing, Nikolai is a top-class carpenter & the drumset in the picture is put together by Niki himself!

Santeri Rautiainen

Santeri's rockset 12" 14" 16" 22"

Macce Taanila

Macce is a well-known drummer from a variety of bands, especially from Eurooppa3 to all you radio listeners!

Check out the band's home page:

Eljas Tikanmäki

Janne Tuomi/ Osuma Ensemble

Iiro Aittokoski

A promising young metal drummer from Pori, a well-known fellow for people who've been to Finnhitsfest

Iiro's drumming can be heard in the band "Mors Principium Est".